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The Ultimate Air Bag. With Pockets.


Features the key

Comfort With Pockets

Made from the same material as camping tents, The Hubba Bag is ridiculously strong, comfortable and waterproof. It comes with two pockets, one on each side. One of the pockets is designed to fit your phone or drink, while the other one is big enough for your personal effects!

Inflate in 10 seconds

The instructions are easy. You just need to open your Hubba Bag, and let the wind fill it up with air. Close it. Enjoy.

Easy To Carry

The Hubba Bag folds up beautifully into a slick, lightweight back pack, making it super easy for you to carry!

No Side Logo

All Hubba Bags come with a discreet logo sticker, not on the side of the bed! That means no side logo. The side logo you see on the Hubba Bag web pics are only for marketing purposes. Yours will be way more discreet.

Hubba Bag in Bag

How To

Inflate Your Hubba Bag

  1. Take it out of the bag.
  2. Unfold it.
  3. Open the first pocket while keeping the other one closed.
  4. Slide it to fill it with air. Close it immediately.
  5. Repeat with the other pocket.
  6. Roll it up until the air is compact.
  7. Bring both sides together.
  8. Close it.
  9. Deploy.
  10. Enjoy Your Hubba Bag.

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