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How do you inflate the HubbaBag?

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How do you deflate the HubbaBag?

Simply unclip the HubbaBag, and air will start deflating right away. Then, simply roll it up and place back in the Bag!

Where / on which terrain can I use the HubbaBag?

You can use the HubbaBag on virtually any terrain. Whether it is sand, grass, concrete, rocks, on water or an indoor floor, you can deploy it and enjoy it in a few seconds. Made from ripstop nylon, it is as strong as a tent.

Can I sleep overnight on the HubbaBag?

A fully blown HubbaBag will stay inflated long enough for you to spend the night on it!

What is the HubbaBag's maximum weight capacity?

We recommend not to put more weight on the HubbaBag than 2 or 3 people, depending on their weight (approx. 440lbs or 200kg).

How many pockets on each bag?

Hubba Bag has two pockets. A big one on one side, and a smaller one (for your phone) on the other side.