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Hubba Bag – Green


Product highlights

  • Made from tear resistant & waterproof Nylon cloth outside, PVC material inside. 
  • Super Strong, it can easily support 330-440lb, making it the perfect spot for 2 or 3 persons at a time.
  • WITH POCKETS. Big enough for a drink, a magazine or your phone. Duh.
  • Portable & slick Design – Fold it into a Backpack, and carry with you anywhere!
  • Fills with Air, no pump required. Deploy and Enjoy.


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Product Description

Meet The Hubba Bag.

The Ultimate Air-Sofa. With Pockets.
Summer is here, so it’s time to chill & relax! If you’re lucky, you will attend BBQs, Beach parties, or camping bond fires.

Breaking News: No need to bring your mama’s folding chairs anymore.

This is what you need! Take it off your back, open it up and let the wind fill it up. Then, you can sit, chill and lounge on it. You could even get lucky on it, as it is ridiculously strong and tear resistant!

Made from Nylon and PVC, there is no way you will break this bad boy. It’s sleek design will let you bring it along and carry it with you anywhere you go.

What are you waiting for?

How To

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